Terms & Conditions



1. This document contains a General Terms and Conditions under which a Merchant provides services to its customers / customers via the Internet shop https://ballezi.com/. These conditions bind all users. By clicking on the button in the cart / ADD TO CART, the user / customer agrees, accepts in full and agrees to comply with these Terms and Conditions.
2. Identifying the user / client in order to reproduce his / her statement, both for the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and for the order made, is done through the log files stored on the server of / site name /, storing the IP address of the user / Client, as well as any other information.
3. The products found on the website / site name / are not a legally binding offer but rather a demonstration online catalog describing the merchant's product line.
4. After clicking on the "ADD TO CART" button, users agree to purchase the goods in the basket. / Trolley? /. This action has a legally binding force. The customer receives a confirmation of the order and, on receipt of this confirmation, the contract is deemed to have been concluded. When the order is sent or when the confirmation is checked, Contract?
5. A TRADER reserves the right to refuse to deliver a confirmed order in case the goods are not available. In the absence of stock availability of the goods requested, within the working week, the MERCHANT informs the customer / customer about the depletion by sending a message to the Customer's specified e-mail address or telephone number. In the event that a transfer is made to the merchant's account, the customer will be able to choose between a refund, a cancellation or a replacement order.
6. The contract language is Bulgarian and the payments will be made in Bulgarian levs with / without VAT.


7. The consumer / customer bears the full risk of damage / loss of the goods upon delivery. As soon as the goods are delivered to a courier, the MERCHANT is relieved of the risk that is transferred to the customer / customer. MERCHANT is not responsible for delay if the delay is due to a courier or other supplier.
8. Immediately after delivery, the goods should be carefully inspected by the user / customer or a person authorized by him / her. Any damage, hits or other damage should be reported to the MERCHANT immediately. In the event that damage is found to have occurred during the transport of the goods, the MERCHANT is not responsible for the warranty service of this good. In the cases where the MERCHANT is given in writing a specific delivery date and time, the statement is binding. In the case of incorrect or wrong address, contact person and / or telephone when submitting the application, MERCHANT is not bound by any obligation to fulfill the order.
8a. Upon delivery of the goods, the user / customer or a third party signs the accompanying documents. A third person is considered to be a person who is not the owner of the application but accepts the goods for delivery and is at the address specified by the customer.
Upon refusal to receive the goods, except for the cases described below, the refusal shall be considered unfounded and the Customer shall be responsible for payment of the cost of delivery and return of the goods. In the event that the Customer is not found within the delivery period at the specified address or if there is no access and conditions for the delivery of the goods within this period, the MERCHANT is relieved of its obligation to deliver the goods ordered for purchase.
8b. When the goods delivered apparently do not correspond to the goods ordered for purchase by the Customer and this can be ascertained through its normal review,
The customer may request that the goods delivered be replaced by a corresponding purchase request made within 24 hours of receipt.


The merchant offers a guarantee document to his / her customers for a purchased item if such a document is provided by the producer of the goods. The document describes: address and telephone of the authorized repairers of the purchased goods the warranty conditions of the respective service centers or manufacturers warranty period of the goods purchased by the user / customer.


9. The prices listed on the site do not include packaging and transportation. Transport is calculated according to the destination of the shipment. In case the goods are dispatched outside the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, the consumer / customer shall pay all customs, Export-related charges.


10. The customer / customer has the opportunity to view and / or register / order the advertised goods at the Internet shop http://ballezi.com

11. The consumer / customer has the right to be informed about the status of his / her order.
12. The user / customer bears full responsibility for the protection of their username and password, as well as for all actions performed by them or by a third party by using their username and password. The user is required to notify the MERCHANT immediately of any case of unauthorized access by using his username and password and whenever there is a risk of such use.

13. The user is obligated to pay the price of his / her order according to the published way on https://ballezi.com/

14. Every user, whether a customer of a merchant, undertakes to use the services:

• not violate and respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens and human rights, in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and the recognized international instruments;
• Not to offend the good name of another and not to call for a violent change in the constitutionally established order, to commit a crime, to violence against the person or to spur racial, national, ethnic or religious enmity;
• not to violate any foreign property or immaterial, absolute or relative rights and interests, such as property rights, intellectual property rights, etc .;
• to comply with Bulgarian legislation, applicable foreign laws, moral rules and good morals and Internet ethics when using the services provided by https://ballezi.com/
• to notify the MERCHANT immediately of any case of committed or open violation in using the provided services;
• not load, transmit, transmit, distribute or otherwise use and disclose to third parties software, computer programs, files, applications, or other materials containing computer viruses, unauthorized remote control systems ("Trojan Horses "), computer codes, or materials intended to interrupt, hinder, disturb or restrict the normal functioning of computer hardware or software or telecommunication facilities or aiming at unauthorized intrusion or access Foreign resources or software;
• not to commit malicious actions;
• to indemnify MERCHANT AND ALL THIRD PARTIES for any loss or damage suffered, including any costs and fees paid for lawyers' claims arising out of and / or paid to third parties in connection with websites, hyperlinks, materials Or information that the User has used, located on the server, posted, distributed, made available to third parties or made accessible via / site name / in violation of the law, these Terms of Service, Good Morals, or ternet ethics;
14a. The customer is obliged to specify a correct and valid telephone, delivery address and e-mail address, to pay the price of the goods, to pay for the delivery costs, when it is not free and to provide access and the opportunity to receive the goods. In the event that the delivery is free of charge, it shall be deemed to be gratuitous.

15. MERCHANT has no obligation and objective opportunity to control the way consumers use the services provided.
16. A TRADER has the right, but not an obligation to retain materials and information located on the server of / site name /.
17. A TRADER has the right to terminate, suspend or change the services provided in connection with the use of the site at any time without notice to the User / Client when the latter uses the services in breach of these conditions and at the discretion of the TRADER. TRADER is not liable to consumers and third parties for damages and lost profits resulting from termination, suspension, alteration or limitation of services, deletion, modification, loss, unreliability, inaccuracy or incompleteness of messages, materials or information transferred, used , Recorded or made available through / site name /.
17a. After receipt of the payment, the merchant undertakes to transfer to the consumer / customer the ownership of the goods ordered for purchase, to deliver on time the goods ordered for purchase, to check for technical condition each item before it is sent (if this is possible , Without interfering with the integrity of the package).

18. The MERCHANT is not liable for damages caused to the software, hardware or telecommunication facilities or for loss of data resulting from materials or resources searched, loaded or used in any way through the services provided. The advice, advice or assistance provided by MERCHANTS 'specialists and employees regarding the use of the services by users does not give rise to any liability or obligations on the MERCHANT. The Company is not responsible, in untrue fashion, for the information provided by the manufacturer about the product.

19 MERCHANT has the right to collect and use information pertaining to its Users / Customers, whether registered.

20. The information under the previous article may be used by the MERCHANT, except in the event of express dissent of the User sent to the following e-mail address office@ballezi.com . MERCHANT collects and uses information to improve the services offered. All the purposes the MERCHANT will use the information will be in compliance with the Bulgarian legislation, the applicable international acts and the good morals.

21. THE TRADER is not liable for non-performance of its obligations under this contract in circumstances that the TRADER has not foreseen and was not obliged to foresee - including occasional events, problems in the global Internet network and in the provision of Services beyond MERCHANT control